Pueblo Has a Homebrew Store!

I have lived in Pueblo for roughly eight and a half years. It’s a great place filled with great people, and I love it here. In spite of that, there’s been a hole here, something that’s always been missing. Something just a smidge off, like that kitchen counter I installed that the pencils always roll off of.  It needed something. It needed homebrew store. I don’t say needed as some sense of hyperbole, when you have spent ten hours making beer and your yeast stalls out; you need a new pack of yeast. That generally means a trip up to Colorado Springs, or worse going on the internet and hoping your hops & yeast survive the August heat.

I am so happy to that era homebrew isolation is at a close. Troy Rahner and his wife, Alicia, opened the doors on this weekend of their homebrew shop Rahner Shine Homebrew Supply.

Our Club  was lucky enough to check out the shop early, and it looks like we should be able to hold our monthly meetings there going forward. I am so happy to have a partnership with Troy’s new shop.

Steel City BrewersEducation is at the core of what our club does. Troy gave a talk on chilling wort in the summer months and what sorts of advantages can be gained using a pre-chiller with your immersion chiller .


Very excited with how the shop looks. Much more excited to have a partnership with someone that has such a strong passion for brewing and homebrew, like Troy, here in town.


(I will be down to pick up some yeast this weekend)

All Colorado Beer Festival

There are  several things that I look forward to every year, living in Colorado . The Aspens changing colors in October, elk hunting, first snow fall, but beer festival season is one of my favorite times of year. With over a dozen festivals along the Front Range from early spring to late fall there is always something beer related going on. From the massive Great American Beer Festival, to the outlandish Rails and Ales (if you’ve never been to a beer festival on a mountain top, what are you doing with your life?) . But I think the one that I look forward to the most every year is the All Colorado Beer Festival in Colorado Springs.

It was the first beer festival that my wife and I went to, and it is special to me. Looking back, it was a small festival; with no more than two dozen brewers. There were all the local brewers, and even a few from far flung Denver. We had as much fun finding the really good beers as we did finding the terrible ones. Trust me, no matter what fest I go to, there is always some bad beer. My wife is a masochist and a sadist, finding one and her face contorts in anguish. Then she looks at me, and says, “This is terrible! Here try it.”

I Love This Festival. It’s like an old friend that I get to see only occasionally.

It has grown considerably since our first trip, boasting nearly eighty breweries this year. It is gratifying to see the growth in the event and the number of returning faces. Below are some photos. If you’re looking for a fun, local beer fest next year, keep the All Colorado Beer Festival on your calendar for 2016.

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