Sunday afternoon

Not a bad way to spend a snowy Sunday afternoon. That is all

Subway Singer

He stands upon the subway platform naked. His only armor, his smile. A broad blinding thing it disarms you, almost stops you from seeing the sadness and fear behind his eyes. Almost.
An old man holding onto his dream, smiling and hoping you don’t see that scared boy. That boy wanting to make his mother proud. That boy that broke her heart. He steps up from the shadow, and pours out his pain.
People stop. They watch.
His song rings out through the platform. The edges of the platform seem to blur a bit, the dinginess fades. They are transported.
For a moment the armor is gone, thin eggshell that it was, and he is powerful.



Books I’ve Read in 2016

So these are the things that I’ve been reading so far this year. It’s interesting in a navel-gazing sort of way to look at this sort of list. What I’m getting out of this is that I am really digging Marko Kloos. I would definitely recommend checking out The Frontline Series, it’s some of the best Military Sci Fi out there!

Title                                                             Author                                            Date

  1. The Color of Magic                                  Terry Pratchett              7-Aug-2016
  2. I Am Legend                                              Richard Matheson          8-Jul-2016
  3. Death Masks                                              Jim Butcher                      1-Jul-2016
  4. Gods of Risk                                               James S.A. Corey            1-Jul-2016
  5. Bossypants                                                Tina Fey                          27-Jun-2016
  6. Agincourt                                                    Bernard Cornwell        15-Jun-2016
  7. The Power Of Habit                                 Charles Duhigg               9-Jun-2016
  8. Angles of Attack                                       Marko Kloos                20-May-2016
  9. Blind Man’s Bluff                                     Sherry Sontag             18-May-2016
  10. Lines of Departure                                   Marko Kloos                 11-May-2016
  11. Aurora                                                          Kim S Robinson           9-May-2016
  12. The God Engines                                       John Scalzi                     1-May-2016
  13. How to Write a Novella in 24 Hours   Andrew Mayne           27-Apr-2016
  14. There Will Always Be a Max                 Mike Underwood        22-Apr-2016
  15. Promise of Blood                                     Brian  McClellan         22-Apr-2016
  16. The Wright Brothers                              David McCullough      28-Mar-2016
  17. City of Blades                                            Robert Bennett            13-Mar-2016
  18. In the Garden of Beasts                         Erik Larson                    10-Mar-2016
  19. Summer Knight                                        Jim Butcher                   24-Feb-2016
  20. A Canticle for Leibowitz                        Walter M. Miller Jr.       8-Feb-2016
  21. Mockingbird                                              Chuck Wendig                5-Feb-2016
  22. Foundation                                                Isaac Asimov                 26-Jan-2016
  23. The Magicians                                          Lev Grossman                18-Jan-2016
  24. Terms of Enlistment                              Marko Kloos                    4-Jan-2016
  25. The Churn                                                  James S.A. Corey           1-Jan-2016


Moving On

This is the space where I am supposed to write about what it’s like leaving this house; Got to be honest. I don’t know how to do that.

Some things… They feel too big to tie into a few lines of text. I like to think I’m a writer, I should be able to do that, right?

But maybe I’m too close to it. I’ve heard that you don’t recognize the big moments in your life as they actually happen. It’s only with time that you see them for what they truly are, or were I guess. I suppose that is the situation here.

There’s been a lot that has happened in this place. My wife and I have spent most of our relationship in this home. We started out living in the basement of her parent’s home. Then into a small rental house, that we knew wouldn’t be enough for us. Not because it was small, but we needed a yard. We needed it for our little pain in the ass Yorkie terrier, because kids need room to throw a football with their friends (and me on occasion). Because we needed a place to have graduation parties. Because I needed a shed (and I didn’t even know it). Because I needed a place to make beer. Because I was going to start a homebrew club and we’d need a cool place for our Christmas party, and Big Brews.

But mostly we needed a place that was ours. A place that my daughter could paint the walls blue, because it matched her favorite pair of flip flops. And my son would have Bronco stripes on his wall. A place that we could make our own. A place where we could be the one thing that we really needed. A place that we could become a family.

We’ve seen burst pipes, countless leaks in the sprinkler system, and oh yeah that time the hot water heater died two days before our wedding. It was the hub of our kids’ lives going through high school, and where I got to know them best. Where we laughed and fought, and then made fun of each other because we couldn’t say something quite right.

So maybe I can say a thing or two about it. I Love this place. I always will. It will always be special to me. I am thankful that it gave us a place that we became a family, and a place that gave us shelter in tough times. There are bittersweet memories here certainly, but more good than bad, and that’s more than I can ask.

At the end of the day, it’s a bunch of drywall with a bad texture job, some torn up bits of carpet and pee stains on the concrete. But it’s more than that, in part because of those things, but mostly because we’ve worked at it. We’ve put our backs into it. We’ve labored in love to make it our place, this has been a safe harbor for us, our kids, and the pack of wild dogs that we have somehow seemed to gather. It’s become home to us.

The walls will be some one else’s next month, and I hope they treat them half as well as they’ve treated us. I hope the living room knows a quarter as much laughter as it has in our tenure. I hope they labor in love and find the happiness that we have had here. I hope it is as good of a home for them as it has been for us.